Jemila Diva

The greatness of any person is in their story…. We at IAMJEMILA celebrate young girls and women who have paved the way through the various motivational activities they are engaged in and what they have done to encourage the Girl child become who God created her to be.


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tad 2

Jemila Cooks

  Cooking is one of the various ways with which women excercise exclusive abilities, thus we would see different delicacies come to light through the hands of wonderful women who would be sharing their recipes with me

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Have you at some point in your life felt you were not good enough? Not Confident enough? Not tall enough? Not short enough? (Let’s Laugh to That) Not Light skinned or brown enough? (Black is Beautiful) In a nutshell, anything that makes you feel ‘Not Good’ enough for things that God has freely given to […]

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Jemila Moms

  We as well, use this medium in celebrating the everyday unsung Heroes; Our Mothers..! For the impact they have made in our lives and are still making.

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